Excel trailer size: 54" x 66" - 255 lbs - 30 cubic ft. of storage

Original Cycle trailer size: 48" x 66" - 230 lbs - 26 cubic ft. of storage
Bed size: 48" wide x 6' 9" long or 54" x 6' 9" long
Head room: 6' 4" high
Synthetic tenting fabric that is breathable, resists mildew & dry rot
Light weight aluminum roof rack
Double stitched seams - fabric will not shrink or stretch
Four large screened windows with curtains
Designed to accommodate wheelchairs
Safety features such as an emergency exit
Independent suspension and mud flaps
Standard front and rear self-storing stabilizing jacks
Hitch: 1 7/8" ball - tongue weight 17 lbs
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Simplicity Without Compromise

You owe it to yourself to carefully check out all the different makes and models of compact camping trailers.....By all means, we truly want you to. You see, the better you are informed, the better Lees-ure Lite trailers will look.

Compare Lees-ure Lite's extremely fast and simple set-up, high quality workmanship, strong yet very lightweight construction, competitive pricing, and then decide for yourself. We think you will agree that for the majority of travelers, the Less-ure Lite is hands down the logical choice.

I can save you money!

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