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Hello, and thanks for coming to Lite Tent Campers, LLC.

We are the Southeast exclusive stocking factory authorized distributor for the full line of compact camping trailers and accessories manufactured by Lees-ure Lite Trailers. These are very well made, lightweight, "pop-up" style trailers designed to be pulled not only by motorcycles, but also many vehicles that could not easily/safely handle a full size camping trailer such as Jeeps, compact and sub-compact/hybrid cars, street rods, classic/antique cars, and all terrain vehicles.

Of all the camper trailers out there (including full size trailers), Lees-ure Lite trailers are one of, if not THE fastest to set up. We are talking literally only seconds! Don't you cringe at the thought of that half hour, hour, or even more, spent making camp after a hard days ride? With a Lees-ure Lite, you'll be all set up, kicked back, and relaxing before your buddies can even get their tents unpacked.

We have great discount prices on Lees-ure Lite Pop Up Camping Trailers

Visit the factory website Lees-ure Lite to view more photos.

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